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Secret & Make-It-Legal Marriage Ceremonies

Top Reasons for a Secret & Make-It-Legal 'Courthouse Style" Civil Marriage Ceremony without the Courthouse environment.

#1 You are eloping and do not want to share your special day...yet. Announcement and/or party to follow with family and friends.

#2 You want your best friend or favorite relative to officiate on your special day.

Virginia requires that anyone officiating a one-time Marriage Ceremony (Civil or Religious) be court-appointed to do so. Save time and money

on getting that one-time approval. Bryce Hall is a court-appointed Virginia Marriage Commissioner & Officiant. Bryce can officiate

your "Secret Make-It-Legal" ceremony before your official wedding date. Tell no one. Shhhh It's a secret between the marrying couple & Bryce Hall, Officiant.

-My brother is a minister in Massachusetts. We asked him to officiate on our big day to make our ceremony more personal. As our wedding date

approached, we discovered that It was too complicated to have him obtain a court-ordered appointment so we met with Bryce Hall.

She made our marriage legal one week before our big day was scheduled. It was very easy at the Hitching Wall on her cottage porch in Colonial Beach, VA.

-We planned on our Wedding Ceremony in Costa Rica with my dad officiating. When we discovered all the red tape involved in getting married

outside of the United States, we got HITCHED in Colonial Beach, VA. Bryce's Make-It-Legal package included our legal ceremony

at her location and coaching for my dad so he would know what to do when officiating at our Costa Rica destination wedding with family and friends. 

-We spent a year planning our Fall wedding. Our best friend couldn't wait to officiate. A week before the wedding, we discovered that there

wasn't enough time for her to qualify as a one-time court-appointed Marriage Officiant. We met with Bryce, who calmed our biggest fears

about NOT having our bestie officiate on our BIG day. We had a "Secret Make-It-Legal" Civil Marriage Ceremony in Colonial Beach, VA.

Check out Bryce Hall's Make-It-Legal/Coaching exclusive offer includes a legal marriage ceremony and coaching for your family/friend. Click HERE

#3 Being deployed and hoping to be assigned together or reassigned to your home state.

-My fiance was being deployed in two days. We rushed to make our marriage LEGAL in Virginia. My husband was then able to get

reassigned in our home state where we later had a big wedding date with family and friends. No one was the wiser.

-My fiancee and I are both in the Navy. We wanted to make our Marriage Legal so we could get reassigned together. Later in the year, we planned

a larger wedding during Christmas week with family and friends. We got HITCHED at the Hitching Wall on Bryce's cottage porch. Short, sweet and legal!

#4 Destination wedding

Getting married out of the USA? On a cruise ship? In a Foreign Country? Eliminate all the red tape involved with other countries with a

"Secret Make-It-Legal" Civil Marriage Ceremony in Colonial Beach, VA.

-We got HITCHED in December at the Hitching Wall. Our February cruise ship wedding went perfectly. No one knew that we were already married.

-We are planning our destination wedding in Cozumel but are making it LEGAL first in Virginia with a "Secret Make-It-Legal" Civil Marriage

Ceremony in Colonial Beach, VA.

#5 Surprise Ceremony

Mark & Irene wanted to get married with no fuss and expense. Their plans were to have a big celebration two years from now when they finished school.

They invited their family to dinner at a local restaurant and SURPRISE! They had a simple Make-It-Legal marriage ceremony right at the dinner table.

Much to the surprise of their family but they did it their way!

#6 Formalize Commitment of Living Together

- We have been living together for 26 years. Our family and friends think we are already married because we wear wedding rings. We chose a

secret & make-it-legal ceremony.

-After 42 years of living together, we decided it was time to make-it-legal with a sweet ceremony on the beach.

-7 years and two children later led us to a make-it-legal ceremony. Everyone thinks we are already married so now it's official.

#7 Your reason for a "Secret or Make-It-Legal" Marriage Ceremony is important! Contact Bryce Hall, Marriage Commissioner & Officiant.

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