Get Hitched in Colonial Beach, VA

  "Courthouse Style" Civil Marriage Ceremonies without the Courthouse environment

Get Hitched in Colonial Beach VA

Is a Civil Marriage Ceremony Right for you?

1. Get Married Quickly

  • Elopements
  • Relocation for military or work
  • Baby on the way
  • Formalize commitment of living together

2. Save Money
Marrying couple: Use wedding funds for more important things:
  • Down payment on your first home together
  • Extended honeymoon or vacation
  • Purchase a newer vehicle
    Parents: Avoid using your retirement savings to pay for a lavish wedding

3. Stress of Wedding Planning Eliminated
  • Some brides choose to be secretly married 2-3 weeks prior to the "big day"
  • Are you a shy bride? Get hitched in secret.
  • Not all brides and grooms thrive on being the center of attention
  • Focus on simplicity and intimacy

4. Avoid Stressful Family Issues
  • Divorced parents
  • Family members who oppose your marriage choice
  • Family differences in planning & financially supporting the wedding
  • Embarrassing relative you prefer not to ruin your day
  • Different religions or cultures refuse to blend wedding traditions together

5. Second marriage or higher
  • Include children
  • Spend money on celebration with family and friends

6. Surprise Ceremonies
  • When family & friends are gathered together for any holiday celebration, surprise them with your "special event".
  • Are you having a destination wedding outside of the USA?  Make it legal in Virginia before you exchange vows abroad. You do not want a "surprise" that your marriage is not legally recognized in the USA.
  • Include your pets