Get Hitched in Colonial Beach, VA

  "Courthouse Style" Civil Marriage Ceremonies without the Courthouse environment

Express Elopements in the Town of Colonial Beach, VA

Elopement in Colonial Beach, VA

"Courthouse Style" Ceremonies without the Courthouse environment

4 Reasons to get Hitched in Virginia
1. No residency requirement
2. Obtain your Marriage License from ANY Virginia Courthouse
3. No witnesses required
4. Make sure your marriage is legal. Bryce Hall is a court-appointed Virginia Marriage Commissioner/Officiant.

Express Elopements includes Secret or Make-It-Legal Ceremonies
Courthouses do NOT officiate marriages in Virginia
1. COVID-19 Social distancing required with facemasks.
2. Maximum number of wedding party: 6 (couple plus 4 guests)
3. Complete the Express Elopement civil marriage ceremony request below:
4. Bryce Hall, Marriage Commissioner/Officiant will contact after receiving your request.

Reasons for Secret or Make-It-Legal Civil Marriage Ceremonies

#1 You are eloping and do not want to share your special day...yet.                  Announcement and/or party to follow with family and friends.
#2 You want your best friend or favorite relative to officiate on your special day. 
#3 Being deployed and hoping to be assigned together or reassigned to your home state 
#4 Destination wedding

#5 Surprise Ceremony 
#6 Formalize Commitment of Living Together 

For more details about the Top 6 reasons, click HERE

 Express Elopements - Outside location only

*Officiant's outside location
*Officiant's choice of available outside location 
* Sunrise ceremonies will be held on the beach 
All locations are outside and in the Town of Colonial Beach, VA only.

Get Hitched in Colonial Beach VA
All couples welcome in Colonial Beach