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Get Hitched in the Town of Colonial Beach, VA

Get Hitched in Colonial Beach, VA

"Courthouse Style" Ceremonies without the Courthouse environment

4 Reasons to get Hitched in Virginia

1. No residency requirement

Check with your local Courthouse for marriage license issuing restrictions

2. Obtain your Marriage License from a Virginia Courthouse

3. No witnesses required

4. Make sure your marriage is legal. Bryce Hall is a court-appointed Virginia Marriage Commissioner/Officiant (since 2009)

 Elopements, Secret or Make-It-Legal Ceremonies

in the Town of Colonial Beach, VA only at limited location.

Courthouses do NOT officiate marriages in Virginia

Contact Bryce Hall, Marriage Commissioner & Officiant

Civil Marriage Ceremony Request Form

Town of Colonial Beach, VA

Town of Colonial Beach, VA

Colonial Beach is located in Westmoreland County, VA - Northern Neck Region

Northern Neck, VA

Explore the Northern Neck

Marry, Stay and Play in Historic Colonial Beach and explore the Northern Neck.

Reasons for Secret or Make-It-Legal Civil Marriage Ceremonies

#1 You are eloping and do not want to share your special day...yet. Announcement and/or party to follow with family and friends.

#2 You want your best friend or favorite relative to officiate on your special day.

#3 Being deployed and hoping to be assigned together or reassigned to your home state

#4 Destination wedding

#5 Surprise Ceremony

#6 Formalize Commitment of Living Together 

For more details about the Top 6 reasons, click HERE

 Civil Marriage Ceremonies - Outside location

in the Town of Colonial Beach, VA only

Contact Bryce Hall, Marriage Commissioner & Officiant

The Wedding before the Wedding

Make it official with Bryce Hall, Marriage Commissioner, then have a best friend officiate.

Wedding #1 - Congratulations to Jamie & Aaron who chose an intimate MakeItLegal ceremony early on their wedding day.

Best friend can officiate if you make it legal first.

Wedding #2 - Jamie & Aaron celebrated with family and friends during a wedding ceremony performed by long-time best friend, Chelseah. 

Testimonial from Jamie & Aaron
We want to talk about the wedding before the wedding. It was important for us to have close friends and family at our ceremony and one of my best friends be our officiant. That being said, it is hard to do that in Virginia on short notice. I want to give a huge thank you to Bryce Hall for meeting with us on such short notice and so early in the morning to make our marriage legal. She was a rock start and made our special day the "real" special day because we wanted that date to be the actual date. Everything was super easy, super cute and intimate. Thank you so much.

Make sure your marriage is legal in Virginia when a family member or best friend officiates.

Bryce Hall is a court-appointed Marriage Commissioner/Officiant.

Love was never cancelled during covid-19

Get married in the Town of Colonial Beach, VA.

Elopements, secret & make-it-legal Courthouse Style Civil Ceremonies are at Officiant's location choice in the
Town of Colonial Beach, VA.


Civil Marriage Ceremony Request form
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At Officiant's location choice only
5 digital photos
Keepsake Certificate of Marriage

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