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Secret Marriage Ceremonies in Colonial Beach VA

Secret & Make-It-Legal Civil Ceremonies
Elopement? Destination Wedding? Deploying? Having a baby? Want a friend or relative to officiate on your "big day"? Bucket List Ceremony? Click on link above for details.

Rain or Shine Marriage Ceremonies

Rain or Shine Civil Marriage Ceremonies 

Sunrise, Sunset & Full moon Marriage Ceremonies

 Sunrise/Sunset/Full Moon
 Civil Marriage Ceremonies 

Valentine's Day elopement

Civil Marriage Ceremonies 
Planned, Holiday & Novelty dates

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Bryce Hall, Marriage Officiant, officiates "Courthouse Style" Civil Marriage Ceremonies without the Courthouse Environment".

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2020 Holiday & Novelty dates  include Valentine's Day, Leap Year, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Memorial Day weekend, Riverfest weekend, Summer Solstice, 4th of July weekend, Labor Day weekend, Fall Equinox, Friday the 13th, Halloween, Thanksgiving weekend, Winter Solstice,

December special dates. Holiday & Novelty dates will be available in Colonial Beach, VA, location to be determined.

03/13/2020  Friday the 13th
03/14/2020  Pi Day = 3.14 

03/17/2020  St. Patrick's Day
03/19/2020  Spring Equinox
04/01/2020  April Fool's Day
06/21/2020  Summer Solstice
07/04/2020  Fourth of July

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Civil Marriage Ceremony Request Form

Navy couple getting married.
4th of July Marriage Ceremony
Valentine's Day Marriage Ceremonies
Beach elopement on Halloween
Full moon marriage ceremonies
Kissing under the cherry blossoms
Sunrise marriage ceremonies
Celebrating marriage at the Riverboat Restaurant in Colonial Beach VA

"Courthouse Style" Civil Marriage Ceremonies at The Hitching Wall

Essentials Ceremony with marrying couple and 2 guests (2-4 people only)
Obtain your Marriage License at ANY Virginia Courthouse & Get HITCHED the same day - most days available
1) The Hitching Wall at the Officiant's Colonial Beach Cottage Porch by appointment only.

Elopement in Colonial Beach, VA
Elopement includes children
Same sex marriage ceremonies are available
Couple eloping in the summer
Boomers saying "I Do"
Military couple eloping in Colonial Beach VA
Congrats on civil marriage ceremony
Civil Marriage Ceremonies
Boomers say "We Do"
Civil Marriage Ceremonies
Kissing in front of The Hitching Wall
Include your kids in your marriage ceremony
Sweet couple exchanging vows & rings
Sweet couple showing Marriage Certificate
Secret ceremonies always available in Colonial Beach VA
The Hitching Wall in Colonial Beach VA
Secret ceremony at The Hitching Wall
Love is all around us
Family celebrating civil marriage ceremony
Secret ceremony at The Hitching Wall
Secret Valentine's Day ceremony at The Hitching Wall
Boomers say "we do" in Colonial Beach VA
Vow renewals on the beach

Vow Renewals

  • Milestone Anniversaries
  • Just Because

Vow renewals with baby
Vow renewal after 2 years
Vow renewal with second baby on the way
Pirate love in Colonial Beach VA
Pirates kissing during vow renewals
Loving pirates with Officiant for vow renewals
Vow renewals in Colonial Beach VA
Couple kissing after vow renewals
Celebrate vow renewals with family and friends