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"Courthouse Style" Civil Marriage Ceremonies without the Courthouse environment

Upcoming Holiday and Novelty Wedding Dates

Secret Weddings available in 2018!
Elopement? Destination Wedding? Depolying? Having a baby? Want a friend or relative to officiate on your "big day"? Bucket List Ceremony?
Make it LEGAL first ...secretly!

Valentine's Day Civil Marriage Ceremonies
are available 10AM - 5PM in Colonial Beach.

Sunrise Civil Marriage Ceremonies are available throughout 2018. 

Civil Marriage Ceremonies 
Planned, Holiday & Novelty dates

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Bryce Hall, Marriage Officiant, officiates "Courthouse Style" Civil Marriage Ceremonies without the Courthouse Environment".

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2018 Holiday & Novelty dates  include Valentine's Day, Leap Year, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Memorial Day weekend, Riverfest weekend,
Summer Solstice, 4th of July weekend, Labor Day weekend, Fall Equinox, Friday the 13th, Halloween, Thanksgiving weekend, Winter Solstice,

December special dates. Holiday & Novelty dates will be available in Colonial Beach, VA, location to be determined.

Upcoming Civil Marriage Ceremonies dates:

01/31/18 Supermoon-Blood Moon (lunar eclipse) - Blue Moon WOW!!!

02/14/18 Valentine's Day
03/17/18 St. Patrick's Day

03/20/18 Spring Equinox

04/01/18 April Fool's Day

04/13/18 Friday the 13th - Defy Superstition

Reserve your special date and time early today.
Text/Call 804-220-1310 

01/8/18 - Easy to remember - 1818 

01/18/18 - Lucky 8's
07/04/18 -   Fourth of July
07/13/18 - Friday the 13th - Defy Superstition

08/08/18 - Lucky 8's

Civil Marriage Ceremony Request Form

Planned, Holiday & Novelty Civil Marriage Ceremony Dates
Colonial Beach, VA 22443

Civil Marriage Ceremony Locations
*Special Museum dates
*Special River Terra Retreat dates
*Special Colonial Beach Community Center dates

Bryce Hall, Marriage Officiant, can travel to your location in Westmoreland County & King George County. 
Special Holiday & Novelty dates may be restricted to the reserved locations in Colonial Beach, VA.